Mat and Kate met on One was skeptical of the whole online dating thing. The other had the confidence to even hit the speed dating circuit. We met, we laughed (boy did we laugh), and that was that. It has been an adventure ever since. We have blended four kids, two houses in two cities and two pets. We have been on a plane, camped surrounded by poison ivy and built the best tree house ever. We have something special with family at its core.

Scoff Apparel started with an awesome idea! An idea generated while we drove home (kid free – which is a rarity) from Easter dinner and a #1 Dad baseball cap. The Half Dad Happens was a conversation about how much time should be spent with a child, and the unexpected relationships that develop when an adult takes the time to listen to a child. A conversation about the strong presence of a role model and the effects on a child or a family.

Mat was indeed a Half Dad. Two boys and two girls half the time. Of course Mat is his daughters #1 Dad, but now he is a role model (father figure) to two boys. This is the premise of Half Dad Happens. Unexpectedly, someone in your corner when you least expect it.